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E-Commerce and Web Design

By Jan

Many times clients come to us and ask us to build an ecommerce website. We would love to build an ecommerce website. There are just a few considerations you need to make before approaching a web design company.

Planning your E-Commerce Website

Of course, the website we would design for you would be stunning, and if you have a good product we can most certainly help you sell it. What about your customer service though. Excellent customer service is one of the main reasons Amazon is valued over 1 Trillion Dollars.

customer service

Also, what about your credit card processing? Do you currently use a POS system in your brick and mortar store that supports online transactions? This would be ideal.

What about your plan to ship your products? Have you considered the email notifications and tracking numbers that need to be included? As web designers the best way we can help you, while keeping costs down, is for you to have a plan for all of the mentioned above.

90% percent of the time, at Brand Relative, we opto turn down ecommerce projects, unless there is a plan and strategy in place.

We don’t think of our services as a solo venture. We want to work with you to achieve the best outcome. We want to be your partner. Therefore, before engaging us for ecommerce web design services, we strongly recommend coming to us with a solid game plan and ideas on how you want the ecommerce business to operate.

website collaboration

Rest assured we will make the site look awesome!

Another consideration before approaching a web design company for ecommerce is photography. We are not photographers.

If you are selling products online, photography is most certainly a necessity. So our advice would be to come prepared with organized pictures of all the products you want to sell on the website.

None of this advice is meant to scare you or give the message that we do not like e-commerce projects. We love them. We are just offering advice that will help you avoid some of the nightmares that we have seen with other web design companies.

With all that said, if you have a solid plan in place, please reach out to us, and we will create an awesome ecommerce site that, when coupled with digital marketing will help sell products on your website like wildfire!

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