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channel ORANGE – On Brand & Color
By Alex
Orange is our color. It wasn’t hard for our team to agree on that. We chose the color for many reasons, the biggest reason being that Syracuse, NY is where we are headquartered. Syracuse University is what our city is most known for. The students and athletes at SU are “Orangemen.” SU’s logo is also, naturally, orange. We liked the fact that, since we work with international companies…
Why Web Design Matters
By Mark

On average, 50% of website users never scroll beyond the “fold.” What is ”the fold?” The fold is a reference to newspapers. The fold is the crease where the newspaper is folded in half. Let’s put this in terms of web design. This would be anything above the bottom of the screen. There are many reasons why an attractive, compelling and engaging website will benefit your business greatly…

Beware: The Digital Marketing Scam
By Mac
The Digital Marketing (DM) “Bug” bit me over 12 years ago. Since then, I have had professional experience, both on the agency side, and on the corporate, “in-house” side. Having spent a considerable amount of time on both ends of the table I have made many interesting observations. I have seen the Good, the Bad and the Ugly sides of DM. Despite the title of this article…
E-Commerce and Web Design
By Jan
Many times clients come to us and ask us to build an ecommerce website. We would love to build an ecommerce website. There are just a few considerations you need to make before approaching a web design company. Of course, the website we would design for you would be stunning, and if you have a good product we can most certainly help you sell it…
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