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Our philosophy and services

Your Brand exists only in someone’s mind

Recently, our team emailed a bunch of our marketing friends. We asked them a simple question:

“How do you define “Brand?”

With 53 replies acquired, below are the three most common replies:

  • A company’s crafted identity
  • Trademarked names
  • Logos, websites and slogans

It’s clear that a majority of marketers are thinking about Brand completely backwards. The problem is that many marketers neglect the perspective of the consumer.

For instance, if a restaurant has terrible food and service, their brand will suffer. Despite any efforts to craft a new identity, or design a fancy website, the Brand of that restaurant will still be determined by consumer perception.

Your Brand is simply what consumers think it is.

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Web Design

Brand Relative websites are custom-designed to be visually compelling, professional and to appropriately reflect the site’s key features and unique selling proposition.

Web Development

Our team of expert developers will bring the design to life, making sure it looks great on all devices. Our development process also includes: SEO, integrations, and content population.

Digital Marketing

We offer the following services: Search Engine Marketing (SEO and Paid Search campaigns), Digital Advertising (Social, Display, HTML5 Ads, Retargeting, Geofencing, Pixels), Email Marketing.

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